Small Animal Services

Small Animal Services

Outstanding veterinary care for your animal family members.

It is our mission to treat each animal as if they are a member of our own family. We practice respect, courtesy, empathy and responsibility on a daily basis. It is these characteristics that set us apart from other clinics as we want your entire experience with Villanow Animal Care to be beneficial to you and your animal.

Learn more about the exceptional services that we have to offer by clicking on the service categories below.

Our Services

Wellness Exams

Heartworm and intestinal parasite test, physical exam, geriatric bloodwork, thyroid testing, dental evaluation, vaccinations, weight consultation, health certificates, fecal exam

Sick Patients

Vomiting/diarrhea, eye exams, weight loss, not eating, allergies (itching, hotspots), lameness, mass evaluation, seizures, anxiety, heart problems, coughing, dog/cat fights, punctures, abscesses, worms, etc.


Pre-surgical blood panel, thyroid testing, Geriatric panel, healthy pet panels, testing for clotting disorders, diabetes testing, urinalysis, histopathology

Dental Procedures

Evaluation of dental and gum health, dental cleaning and polishing, extractions, x-rays


Dog-Distemper/parvo, Leptospirosis, Rattlesnake Vaccine, Rabies Vaccination (one year and three year), Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine

Cat-DRC vaccine (Panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis-FVR, calicivirus, chlamydophila), Leukemia vaccine, Rabies vaccination


Bone fractures, chest and abdominal issues, foreign bodies (“I think my dog just ate…”), Barium series (checking GI tract movement, finding masses, etc.), dental


Insert a chip into your pet to help find it if it ever gets lost. The chip number is specific to your pet, and can be found by any vet or animal shelter worldwide who has a microchip reader.


Spay, neuter, dewclaw removal, orthopedic surgery (including cruciate ligament repair), bladder stone removal, mass removals, IM pins

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